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May 12th

08PM - 11PM CET

RE:WIND Drum'n'Bass presents Zardonic

Giana Brotherz, Diaz Soto

Rave Space requires a bigger screen, mouse and keyboard. Please use a laptop or desktop to enter the club.

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20:00 - 21:00

Diaz Soto

21:00 - 22:00

Giana Brotherz

22:00 - 23:00


Giana Brotherz

Giana Brotherz are undoubtedly one of the most incomparable artists within the German Drum&Bass scene. Anyone who has experienced one of his DJ performances comprehends his outstanding talent in blending Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Breaks like no other. Fresh dubplates meet timeless classics, that guarantee rewinds, are the name of the game. Welcome to the world of Giana Brotherz.

Diaz Soto

Winsin Arley Diaz Soto is a native of Caleño (Cali, Colombia). Raised in a small barrio (Santa Helena), this whirlwind grew up listening to salsa music, dance and art. Caleños have fire in their blood. Since the age of 6 Berlin is his home. After a wild childhood it quickly became clear, the stage and Diaz-Soto belong together. With 20 years of experience behind the decks, Diaz-Soto's sets are intoxicating and full of energy - predicate "DJ".