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September 4th

09PM - 12AM CET


Dinamite, Nastasia, Vittjas Tief

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Vittjas Tief

22:00 - 23:00


23:00 - 00:00


Proceeds from the entrance fees are divided among the artists.


Passion, conviction and respect for club culture: these three conditions are the infallible formula that Dinamite has adopted to connect with the public through an intelligible Techno sound as a fundamental expressive language. She creates her musical proposals with a vibrant sound palette with tones that range from the purity of industrial sounds to the saturation of the darkest, producing unique pieces with a very personal aesthetic. DJ, producer, curator or snake charmer, whatever role Dinamite adopts testifies that we are facing a talented and multifaceted artist, who lives and breathes electronic music making her a philosophy of life.

Vittjas Tief

Vittjas Tief, an underground DJ since 1994, is known for his deeply hypnotic and mesmerizing sounds. His techno sets are often served with a twist.