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May 14th

09PM - 12AM CET


Matrixxman, Marcel Fengler, Tanith

Rave Space requires a bigger screen, mouse and keyboard. Please use a laptop or desktop to enter the club.

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Marcel Fengler


Matrixxman is the alter-ego of Charles McCloud Duff. Although he’s known primarily for his work in the techno realm as of late, his musical range extends well beyond the confines of dance music. Initially he honed his skills producing extensively for some of the west coast’s most notorious figures in gangster rap; YG and Ty$. After growing bored of the routine, his pursuit of what he refers to as “some cold ass futuristic shit,” led him down an unforeseen path of experimentation touching on 2 step garage, post-dubstep, grime, and other facets of UK Bass music. Several years later he ultimately settled into his groove with something straddling the divide between Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Although truth be told, it was nothing new to him. Word of his diverse production chops spread within the industry culminating in his recent work with Depeche Mode on their album “Spirit”. It’s not often that an artist can cover such range without faltering but then again Matrixxman has always eschewed conformity. The only thing you can definitively conclude about him is that you never know what the fuck he’s going to do next.

Marcel Fengler

Everyone's fate is made of many tales. Although our own destiny might be dwelling in our breast, it also takes strong convictions and the courage to challenge yourself. DJ, producer and label manager Marcel Fengler is the best example that talent isn’t just a matter of luck, but the will to believe in your own passions while constantly developing them. Today, Fengler has not only been quoted as „one of the finest techno DJs“ (Resident Advisor), he has earned international respect for his „well-crafted body of production work“ (FACT) introducing his unique and „multi-faceted personality“ (Electronic Beats).


From the UFO to the old Tresor to Mayday: The Berlin veteran Tanith is also known as the "hardest DJ in the world" and played a major role in shaping the Berlin scene from the late 80s to today. In 1994, he cruised the Love Parade in an old Soviet tank. And even today he still delights the masses with his sets, for example at Wolle XDP's Tekknozid parties at Griessmuehle. Therefore we are super excited to hearing his set at the RAVE.SPACE.