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September 18th

10PM - 01AM CET


AIWASKA ( Crosstown Rebels / Exploited )

Rave Space requires a bigger screen, mouse and keyboard. Please use a laptop or desktop to enter the club.

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22:00 - 01:00


AIWASKA ( Crosstown Rebels / Exploited )

Aiwaska is a melodic techno producer from L.A. His music and imagery are created based on Aiwaska ideology meaning that sounds and melody take you on a trip. Imagery: 1) A mask. When Peru shamans make a ritual and go to a different reality, they put masks on. These masks reflect who they are and because of that spirits recognize you as one of them. 2) Coins. You see coins on a hat because when you go to the world of spirits, you give these coins to them as a gift. That’s how he helps nature and our planet by donating some part of my income to a foundation that deals with environmental and wild forest problems. He has been a music producer since 1996 but this project is brand new. He started working on Aiwaska in 2019 and I already have releases at ‘’Crosstown Rebels’’, ‘'Exploited’',''Bar 25'’. As a DJ healready supported Damian Lazarus, Adam Port, &Me, Rampa, AudioFly, Richie Hawtin, Black Coffee and many more. Sofar he produced many remixes from A class artists like: Patrice Baumel, Tensnake, Ellke Klejn, Jenia Tarson & Kino Todo and many more. Aiwaska helps the Planet and engaged in charity activity. He will spend 20% of his fee to help planet and animals from Red Book. So put on your dancin shoes and support planet earth!