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RAVE SPACE curates frequently changing exhibitions with artists from around the world in our club.

Besides photography, illustration, digital artworks, we also show 3D sculptures, installations and all other kinds of interactive pieces.


Basil Boyacos

Basil is an up-and-coming, Berlin-based digital artist experimenting with odd shapes and his own series of characters. You will find more than 8 artworks inside the RAVE SPACE. Go Basil!

Tony Futura

Tony Futura is a multidisciplinary artist creating provocative artworks with a twist. His (often) political subjects went viral for a good reason. For RAVE SPACE, Tony provided three of his 3D sculptures that you will find in the bar and bathroom.

Karolina Gulshani

Kara is an artist with Ukrainian roots creating illustrations in which she processes her experiences in a special tattered and emotional way. A lot of them are related to club culture. You'll find some of Kara's artworks as prints in our club. Happy to have your work on board!

Marius Bergmann

Marius Bergmann is a multidisciplinary artist and art director based in London. His unique painting style mixed with different materials let you experience his told stories in a special way. You will find 1 painting of Marius in the club. Hopefully, we can see some sculptures as well, soon?

Frieda Rausch

Frieda is a conceptual artist and photographer capturing and creating subjects inspired by Brutalist Architecture, Techno, Nature, Sex, and Identity. Her unfiltered and often gloomy tone is a perfect fit for our club. You will find 5 of her photographs inside the club.

Hanko Ye

Hanko is a photographer and tattoo artist based in Berlin. Starting his career with spontaneous, provocative street photographs he's now focussing on creating tattoos with his very own manner of style. You'll find some of his tattoo subjects as printed artworks in the club.

32Bit Badman

As a 3D generalist working in the intersection of VR, AR, and Gaming, 32Bit Badman creates destructive and trippy renderings. We're happy to have one of his artworks in the club.


DION is an analog artist experimenting with colors and surreal abstract subjects. You'll find a big print of one of the artworks he created in his Berlin studio.


The work of kiddblizz, Berlin-based independent artist and graphic designer, is based on formal aesthetics of font characters, abstract glyphs, graffiti tags, and calligraphy. His highly intuitive writing, an Ecriture Automatique, eludes any concrete representation or semantic. Playful writing beyond alphabets puts viewers into childlike perception, in which one's own imagination determines reality. Will you find his artwork?

Vinzenz Aubry

Vinzenz Aubry is a media artist working on novel, experimental experiences through new ways of interaction. Find his "Pendel" in our first exhibition in the gallery.

Natural Warp

Natural Warp is a digital artist navigating the Psychedelic and Visionary realms, creating Augmented & Virtual Reality, 360° Art & Video. He's part of the first Exhibition.

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